Inevitably, everyone seems to be curious about the people running everything behind the scenes.

Books and Biscuits came about after Brittany spent a few too many days trying to recover from a winter cold. Cabin fever set in and we ended up with a blog.

Long before we married, we (James and Brittany) spent hours sitting around the dinner table discussing exceptionally diverse topics. Books and cooking were just two of the themes that took precedence. The Books and Biscuits blog follows topics of particular interest to us, including many of those that originate as conversations around the dinner table.

Brittany contributes to Books and Biscuits’ book review sections and co-authors other sections, depending on the day and topic. She enjoys reading, preserving her grandmother’s cranberry bread recipe, and attempting to keep her plant alive. She has also been known to kill yeast in the microwave, resulting in nearly inedible bread. Fortunately, that bread loaf got James’ attention.

James writes the cooking portions of Books and Biscuits, manages the technology, and co-authors other topics, as they arise. He enjoys baking biscuits, long after-dinner conversations, listening to podcasts, and keeping large groups of people fed. He also enjoys telling the story of Brittany’s brick-like bread loaf and how that eventually led to him proposing to her.

We would like to add a special thanks to Crystal for her editing prowess and David for his technical suggestions for the blog. :)

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