Review: The One True Love of Alice-Ann – Eva Marie Everson

Eva Marie Everson. The One True Love of Alice-Ann. Carol Stream, IL: Tyndale House Publishers, 2017.

On a very rainy, early spring day, it’s always nice to curl up with another great Christian fiction novel.  While my grandmother, aunt, and mum initially started me in on these types of stories, I now find myself in the fascinating role of regularly recommending novels to them.  Fortunately, there always seems to be more great stories being released that I know they will enjoy.

Eva Marie Everson releases her newest novel, The One True Love of Alice-Ann, this month.  While the novel takes place primarily during the early part of World War II, Alice-Ann’s story begins in the days just before the war.  As a budding sixteen-year-old, Alice-Ann has a crush on her older brother’s friend and plans to share her feelings with him at her birthday party.  However, the events at Pearl Harbor devastate the people of her small Georgia town, even as they send the young men of the area to the nearest enlistment office.  Desperate to share her feelings with Mack, Alice-Ann promises to write him until he returns, in spite of him not sharing any mutual feelings.  After years of correspondence, Mack’s letters suddenly end without warning, causing Alice-Ann to wonder about the true state of their relationship.  Meanwhile, the war has already taken its toll on the local families, including another of her brother’s friends, Carlton.  Alice-Ann finds her spare time taken up helping Carlton to recover from his war wounds, even as it forces her to face the realities of adulthood in a time of war.  Ultimately, Alice-Ann must choose between her dreams of one man and the reality of another, all in hopes of finally wearing her aunt’s wedding dress for the man she loves.

Ms. Everson writes a compelling story of emerging adulthood in a time of war.  Alice-Ann’s story will capture the hearts of readers who enjoy character-driven novels set during the World War II era.

Overall, I surprisingly enjoyed reading The One True Love of Alice-Ann.  While I have had mixed reactions to some of Ms. Everson’s previous work, I found this novel to be exceptionally well written, with even pacing and character development throughout.  She does a great job of showing the influence of the World War II period on a small Georgia town and the surrounding rural areas, through the inclusion of fascinating historical detail derived from her family’s past and additional research.  Additionally, the novel maintains a significant focus on Alice-Ann and the people in her life, offering a compelling narrative that many readers will enjoy without overly graphic descriptions of the war itself.  Based on Ms. Everson’s themes, writing style, and accessible pacing of the novel, I would highly recommend this story to those who appreciate captivating historical Christian fiction.

Fans of Ms. Everson’s previous works will definitely want to read The One True Love of Alice-Ann.  Additionally, readers who enjoy character-driven stories of the American homefront during World War II will also find this novel to be well worth reading.

Special thanks to NetGalley and Tyndale House for the advanced copy of The One True Love of Alice-Ann!

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