Review: Love’s Faithful Promise – Susan Anne Mason

Susan Anne Mason. Love’s Faithful Promise. Minneapolis, MN: Bethany House Publishers, 2016.

The last several months have been particularly busy here at the Books and Biscuits Blog.  After overcoming a few scheduling and delivery challenges with some of the books, I am very excited to finally review Susan Anne Mason’s most recent novel, Love’s Faithful Promise.

Love’s Faithful Promise marks the dramatic conclusion of Susan Anne Mason’s Courage to Dream series, released by Bethany House Publishing.  In the years following World War I, Dr. Matthew Clayborne has made it his life’s work to help the wounded soldiers through the therapeutic practices that returned the use of his own wounded leg.  However, his Toronto-based practice slowly declines as more soldiers are finally healing and returning home.  When the matriarch of the O’Leary family suffers an unexpected stroke, the family will do anything to return her to health.  Deirdre O’Leary has succeeded as a nurse and finally has begun her own studies to become a pediatrician.  However, her mother’s health crisis forces Deirdre to travel to Toronto to persuade the one man who can help her mother.  Only after Dr. Clayborne’s daughter’s own health problems force him to leave the city does he travel to Irish Meadows, where he finds the love, peace, and healing that has the power to benefit both him and his daughter.  The novel also follows the many members of the O’Leary family introduced throughout the Courage to Dream series, offering a satisfying and heart-warming conclusion to this historical trilogy.

Love’s Faithful Promise extends Ms. Mason’s Courage to Dream series into the years following World War I, while further expanding upon the dramatic legacy of Irish Meadows and the O’Leary family.

Overall, I rather enjoyed reading Love’s Faithful Promise.  Within the Courage to Dream series, Ms. Mason shows her extensive growth as a writer, especially as evidenced in her latest novel.  She manages to create a complex groups of interconnected characters, building the O’Leary family legacy throughout the three novels.  Love’s Faithful Promise also illustrates Ms. Mason’s improved use of historical research to further augment her stories.  The historical details behind this most recent set of characters made for a significantly stronger and more realistic story.  Based on the excellent quality of this novel, I am very much looking forward to Ms. Mason’s future books within the Christian fiction genre!

Fans of Ms. Mason and her Courage to Dream series will definitely want to read Love’s Faithful Promise.  Readers who enjoy the books of Tracie Peterson and Judith Miller, especially in relation to their works related to Irish families in America, will also want to read this series.

Special thanks to NetGalley and Bethany House Publishers for the advanced copy of Love’s Faithful Promise!

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