Review: The Wedding Shop – Rachel Hauck

Rachel Hauck. The Wedding Shop. Grand Rapids, MI: Zondervan, 2016.

The logistics of running a blog are certainly comical at times.  After several delays and rescheduling last week’s post, I am finally able to share my review of Rachel Hauck’s newest release, The Wedding Shop.

In The Wedding Shop, Haley Morgan moves back to her hometown of Heart’s Bend, Tennessee, after a devastating breakup that resulted in her leaving California and a career in the Air Force.  With the prospect of graduate school in her future, Haley is looking for a new purpose for her life.  A historic building in Heart’s Bend is on the brink of demolition before Haley decides to save and restore the old Wedding Shop.  In the 1930s, Cora Scott found great delight in inheriting and managing her aunt’s wedding shop, even as she made the local brides’ dreams come true in the years of the Great Depression.  However, she always sought love of her own, even as she looked past the one man who could make her dreams come true.  In this compelling story of love and dreams, The Wedding Shop follows the stories of both women and their shared love for a wedding shop in small-town Tennessee.

Fans of Ms. Hauck’s The Wedding Dress and The Wedding Chapel will be delighted with this newest release.  The Wedding Shop continues to intertwine the stories of past and present, even as they prove the universal truths of Christian love and marriage across time.

Overall, I really enjoyed reading The Wedding Shop.  Ms. Hauck brings her signature writing style to this novel, even while introducing a new set of characters.  Those who have previously read The Wedding Chapel will be thrilled to see Ms. Hauck return to the town of Heart’s Bend, while also referencing characters from a variety of her books and series.  Personally, I found The Wedding Chapel to be my favorite of the three novels.  However, The Wedding Shop offers an intriguing and unique plot that will be a hit with a broad audience of readers.  Ms. Hauck also continues her tradition of including flawed Christian characters who must overcome their pasts and rely on faith for their future.

Readers who have previously enjoyed Ms. Hauck’s novels, especially The Wedding Chapel and The Wedding Dress, will be absolutely thrilled with The Wedding Shop.  Likewise, fans of contemporary Christian fiction, especially by authors such as Susan May Warren, will also want to read this book.

Fans of Rachel Hauck should also keep an eye out for her next release, A Royal Christmas Wedding, which releases on October 18th!  This newest book fits within her Royal Wedding series.

Special thanks to BookLook Bloggers for the advanced copy of The Wedding Shop!

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