Review: The Wedding Chapel – Rachel Hauck

Rachel Hauck. The Wedding Chapel. Grand Rapids, MI: Zondervan, 2015.

It’s hard to believe that we are just over a week from Thanksgiving. With the relatively warm weather recently, it feels like October and the race to the holiday season seems months away. However, many of the books being featured here on The Books and Biscuits Blog over the next couple weeks make it exceptionally evident that the pre-Christmas rush of excellent books being released by publishers is already upon us.

Bestselling author, Rachel Hauck, releases her newest novel, The Wedding Chapel, today! Jack Forester and Taylor Branson each escaped Hearts Bend, Tennessee, years before to escape their pasts and find a new start. When they unexpectedly find each other in New York City, they both cling to the hope of their newfound love and elope. However, the reality of Taylor’s fledgling photography business and Jack’s near obsession with his job as an advertising executive strain their young marriage. At Jack’s urging, Taylor accepts a magazine photoshoot assignment focused on a mysterious wedding chapel located in Hearts Bend. Together, Jack and Taylor discover an unforeseen connection between themselves and the chapel’s builder, a wise football coach with his own complicated romantic history. Spanning multiple generations touched by war, pain, and deceit, the wedding chapel offers a second chance for reconciliation and love.

The Wedding Chapel offers a fascinating perspective on the enduring power of love and forgiveness. Ms. Hauck draws upon her incredible ability to develop believable characters and draw readers into a world of her own. Most especially, The Wedding Chapel offers keen insight into the challenges faced by Christians in a fallen world, capturing the heart of the Christian romantic fiction genre.

Overall, I was very impressed with The Wedding Chapel. Although fans of Rachel Hauck could easily conclude that The Wedding Chapel relates in some way to Ms. Hauck’s 2012 release, The Wedding Dress, the two books are entirely unconnected. However, I thought that Ms. Hauck did a masterful job of creating a unique and distinct storyline that seamlessly intertwines the perspectives of multiple characters over several generations. Likewise, she remains true to her roots in the Christian fiction genre, offering a convincing view of Christians’ obstacles and faith through her characters. While so many other novels have a watered-down version of “inspirational fiction,” The Wedding Chapel fearlessly forges ahead to push the boundaries and expectations of the genre. Fans of Ms. Hauck will not be disappointed with this novel, as they will find themselves entirely engrossed in her writing from the first page to the last.

Readers who have enjoyed Ms. Hauck’s previous novels will be delighted with The Wedding Chapel! Additionally, fans of contemporary Christian fiction and those who have always wanted to try the genre will also find the novel to be well worth reading. Ms. Hauck creates a compelling story with an excellent sense of pacing, character development, and writing style that has the power to disprove anyone’s preconceptions of Christian fiction as being an inferior genre.

Rachel Hauck will release The Wedding Shop, also set in Hearts Bend, in May 2016!

Special thanks to BookLook Bloggers for the advanced copy of The Wedding Chapel!

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