Intro to Books at Books and Biscuits

After years spent as an enthusiastic reader of Christian fiction, I’m excited to finally share my perspective here at Books and Biscuits.

Since high school, I have been the primary person responsible for locating excellent examples of Christian books for my family members to read. Growing up with generations of readers in the Midwest and Canada, the women of my family share books and pass them along to one another. My book reviews often indicate which family members I would be most likely to share the books with, depending on their preferences, reading speed, etc.

The books reviewed on Books and Biscuits originate out of my personal collection or that of the local library. At this time, I do not receive books from publishers or suppliers of any kind nor am I encouraged or compensated by any person or organization to give a positive review. I personally read and review every book included on the Books and Biscuits blog and all opinions expressed within the reviews are my own.

As part of Books and Biscuits, I have also created several related pages that I would highly encourage you to visit. The Books link will take you to a special section of the website dedicated to the books reviewed on the blog. Within that section, The Library includes a full list of books (alphabetized by author) reviewed on this blog. Another sub-section, the Failed to Finish page, includes a list of those books that didn’t make the cut for a full review. I will be updating content and adding pages, so be sure to check in for future updates. Additionally, you are welcome to Contact Us to suggest other books that you would like to see reviewed and included in the blog.

I hope you enjoy reading Books and Biscuits as much as I enjoy writing it. :)